Zambeel machine craft

Gas Safety Redefined

InNovator Seed Fund Award, 2023


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Creating early versions of physical products and projects to validate functionality and design

engineering design

Structuring problems into engineering requirements and forming designs and manufacturing plans for solutions


Guiding and assisting clients during the design, execution and maintenance phases of their projects

end-to-end product Development

Undertaking all product development responsibilities from concept sketch to serial production


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Wheel Driver unit

The Wheel Drive Unit is used in Aviation Maintenance during service inspections and repairs. During the procedure, the unit drives the wheel being tested up to the required RPM while sensing and displaying required information to the technicians.

mobile Engine test bed

The Mobile Engine Test Bed is a special use vehicle built on Zambeel’s Utility Trailer Platform. It is configured for on-site tests of piston engines for diagnostics and repair. On-board power and a temperature-controlled interior allow the Test Bed to function anywhere in any weather.
Zambeel’s Utility Trailer Platform can be used for tailored applications ranging from mobile control centers to medical facilities.

Elevating work platform

The Elevating Work Platform is height adjustable and is designed for carrying out aviation maintenance. Work Platforms can be designed and manufactured according to custom user needs.

Custom storage racks

These racks are designed to meet end user requirements for storing aircraft parts in an efficient and safe way.

long range control system

This system allows long range control of industrial machinery and electromechanical systems. It can be configured for custom inputs and outputs according to client requirements.

oil transfer carts

The Oil Transfer Cart is used for filling hydraulic oil and engine oil during aircraft servicing. The trolleys have retractable reels and are designed for ease of mobility and simplicity of controls.
The pumping equipment can be customized for all types of fluids.

company Portfolio

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cnc machines

Zambeel from its outset was a bootstrap startup that specialized in manufacturing custom architectural panels in a range of materials. The CNC machines required to carry out this process were designed and fabricated by our team indigenously.

Panel Sizing control System

This project's aim was to develop a modern Industry 4.0 compatible control system for an 1984 Scheer FM16 Beam Saw. The entire electronics and software of the control system were developed by our team.

factory overhaul

A new factory being set up required all its machines to be brought into production status and Zambeel’s team was taken onboard to accomplish this. The machines consisted of wood manufacturing machines including CNCs, Edge Banders, a Beam Saw and a complete UV Line.

transformer concealment

Zambeel was approached by the Rawalpindi Cantonment Board to provide a solution to conceal transformers on one of their prime roads. Our team produced an aesthetic design of metal sheets to cover the poles from all sides.

lapel pins

As a short-notice challenge, Zambeel designed and manufactured custom lapel pins for National Incubation Center. Our design team undertakes similar work occasionally out of artistic interest.

Vessel Management System

Zambeel was part of a joint venture between Rock 7 and Trade Dynamics to provide a Vessel Management System for the Department of Marine Fisheries. The project was suspended due to the COVID outbreak.

Drone LIght show

Zambeel partnered with Super Stellar, a startup pioneering drone light shows, to design, program and simulate the complete light show animations.
Our engineers also designed and manufactured the custom drone housings for Super Stellar.

Helical AntennA with Radome

Zambeel works in close collaboration with RIMMS, NUST in manufacturing prototype and commercial use antennas. Our expertise in manufacturing coupled with the RF expertise at RIMMS produces reliable antennas for any specification.


Zambeel's team has been actively involved in robotics for more than 7 years. Before the company's inception, our team designed and developed robots to compete in international competitions including the RoboCup.

Zambeel MAchine Craft

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Zambeel Machine Craft was formed in 2017 as a startup by a team of robotics engineers and registered in 2018 as a Private Limited Company in Islamabad, Pakistan.

The company is currently based at the National Science and Technology Park (NSTP) at National University of Science and Technology (NUST), Islamabad. NSTP is designated as a Hi-Tech Special Economic Zone by the Government of Pakistan.

Zambeel specializes in design of electromechanical equipment and manufacturability of technology in developing economies. It serves clients of both commercial industry and government commissioned projects as consultants, contractors and joint-venture partners.

The company is an alumnus of the National Incubation Center Islamabad, a project of the Ministry of IT and Telecommunication. It is also a member of the NUST Electric Vehicle Consortium and the Government of Pakistan’s Think Future Implementation Plan Committee.

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